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We intend that using the application users work skills and abilities necessary in the performance of any work or daily activity.

As this is manager's serious game, in which it is neccessary to manage resources properly in order to achieve some objectives, en el que es preciso gestionar correctamente recursos para lograr unos objetivos, users will work these values, skills and abilities:

Effort. To achieve the objective (promote and obtain the best possible results), we must effort. It is not an immediate objective. It is only achieved after a time.

Solidarity, teamwork. We can share information and resources with other players.

Correction and language education. The areas designated to exchange information will be moderated. People who do not express themselves with education and correction may be expelled.

Ability to solve problems. During the season incidentals may occur. It is necessary to manage the events in the best possible way.

Innovation. To get further in the game is essential to be aware of the importance of innovation and be able to manage it properly.

Continuous improvement. The game consists on surpassing yourself up to the maximum category, where it will be very difficult to stay.

Mathematical ability. Often our best ally in this game will be Calculator.

Strategic ability. In order to thrive in the game , we must often make decisions that do not favor us in the short term but that will enable us to improve in the long term.

Multiculturalism. As Formula i will be developed in Basque, English and Spanish, in the game the opportunity to exchange views and experiences among participants from different countries and cultures will be promoted.

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